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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Stash :) And Frixion Shock

About mid-week, I was happy to see my Sew Sisters order had arrived. A few weekends back, they had a 20% off all bolt fabrics. I decided to take advantage of the sale. I was thrilled to open the package and touch these beauties.

From left to right, Minimized Foxes, Urban Zoologie -Foxes Sky by Ann Kelle and Minimized Hedgehogs.

I absolutely love these hedgehogs! They look even better in person than a photo.

And mini foxes are just too cute!

I also picked up these.

From left to right, Hyperreal Garden - Radiant Bouquet Ruby, Crossword by Timeless Fabrics and Just My Type by Patty Young.

And finally this pile of fabrics.

From left to right, Beach -Whales Ocean, Bliss - Fleur-De-Leaf, Garden View - Stamp Toile Ivory,  Ooh-La-La - Damask Brown/Blue and down in front is Ooh-La-La - Carte Postale Blue.

I love getting new fabrics in! Just have to reorganize my sewing space since I added another shelf up here....maybe after Teal the Elephant Quilt is finished.

I also took some outdoor pictures of the Star Quilt.

Not the greatest outdoor pictures. The sun was still hiding but the snow does make for a nice landscape. After I took the quilt back in, I had a few things to do around the house and met up with a friend at a local coffee shop. When I laid out the quilt to attempt to remove some of the loose threads and dog hair, I discovered my tracing lines from the Frixion Pen had reappeared!

I was praying to the quilting Gods that please let me just be able to iron these back out. This has never happened to me before and of course it had to be a green Frixion Pen on a Bone solid. Anyway after ironing the whole quilt again, the lines seem to be gone. I've also washed and dried it and I have not seen any more evidence of the lines thankfully.

Has this happened to you before? I'm just wondering if they will come back if the quilt is out in the cold. Something to consider when using the Frixion pens.

Hope your weekend was less heart wrenching than mine!



  1. Great fabrics. I heard the marks could come back in cold, but it hasn't happened to me yet.

  2. Lovely fabrics that you chose. I was surprised to read about the Frixion ink returning - curious isn't it. :)

  3. Yes, that happens with those pens. Just iron off again. Another thing I found with them is that if you use them on batiks they will leave a whitish mark after ironing. Almost like it takes the colour out. Test it on batiks before using. Love all the little critter fabric you bought. Super cute!

  4. Thought for sure I'd left a comment already! Glad I returned. Your new fabrics look like such fun. Good luck with your pen marks.