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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weekend Projects :)

My staycation started on Friday at 4:00 pm! I couldn't be more excited! Sure I would have liked to be on a beach somewhere with 25+ temperatures but staying home and sewing all week is good too! Plus I don't think I could handle the shock of being on a beach for a week and then coming back to winter. My mind and body do not adapt that well. So between some cleaning and surprisingly some baking, I managed to sew two projects. The first project, I'm not that excited on. I made a pouch from a pattern that I purchased called Whatcha Got? I bought the pattern because I thought the bags looked neat. The instructions were confusing and I didn't feel like the bag was finished well. The seams inside the bag are not finished. You can see all the raw edges which almost puts me over the deep edge. Anyway I struggled through this project and I'll keep this bag to put my ribbon in.

My next project was making a pillow from my Pillow Pop book. This is the first pillow I make and the first time I used this book. I've heard lots of great things about this book from other quilty friends and I can understand how they feel. So far from the first pattern, I'm very impressed! I'm already planning on making another one this week.

So the pattern I used was Life Aquatic.I started off by sorting through my stash of 2.5" squares. I picked a different colour palette from what was on the pattern. I decided to go with black and purple. I played around with the squares until I found a layout I liked.

Sewed all those squares together and then auditioned some fabrics for the border and backing.

Love those jumbled letters! So there was no competition for the backing once I spotted that fabric in my stash. I slept on the border decision and actually came to realize during the middle of the night that a solid black border would work best.

I did simple stitch in the ditch for this pillow and outlined the purple cross. I'm pretty pleased at how well this pillow turned out.

And the envelope backing.

And of course, I could not find the 18" x 18" pillow form so I had to use a smaller one for demo purposes :)

I really like the small pop of colour with this pattern. I'll definitely be making another pillow like this one.

Did anyone see the pictures from QuiltCon this weekend? So many pretty quilts and gorgeous vendor booths! I loved the Riley Blake booth! Any favourite booths from QuiltCon for you?

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  1. Great pillow! I think I've made that pouch, and yes the raw edge is a bit of a downer. Not sure how to fix that.