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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ah, Portland.....Part 2

As promised in my last post, here are more pictures from my vacation in Portland, Maine. You can read and view my first post here.

While in Portland, I went on a few tourist attractions. First up, was a tour around Portland and a visit to Port Head Light while driving around in a Trolley car.

I sat in the "A/C part" of the Trolley.

This was the view across from the Trolley car. Reminds me of the Locks of Love bridge in Paris. Of course, this is not a bridge but does have a water view :)

Portland City Hall

I also went for a train ride on a vintage train that went along the waterfront. And also visited the Train Museum.

"Polar Express"

First Class Railway Cabin

Me in front of the train with my pack o' fabric....there were a small amount of clothes but mostly fabric :)

And now Show & Tell from my visit to Marden's....

This Riley Blake print which has lots of lovely words....2gether, beautiful moments, absolute joy, loving our time...and so much more! Not sure what pattern this is since the selvage is cut where the info would be.

I'm planning on using this for the backing of another 26" square pillow.

And I bought some of this Hipster by Shannon Lamden for Riley Blake to go on the top of the 26" pillow cover. 

Also picked up this Ooh La-La print by Jo Moulton. Love these umbrellas!

And picked up these other fabrics :)

"Paper Dolls Around The World"

"Garden Party"

"Sea of Tranquility"

Leaves on Brown

What a lovely trip to Portland! I so cannot wait to get back. Hope you enjoyed reading about Portland, Maine. Hopefully it will help if you ever find yourself in Portland :)


  1. Quite a haul...again! I really like the black and white sewing text print!

  2. I grew up just outside of Portland. Funny, I don't think of it as a vacation spot! Glad you had a good trip. I love Mardens!

  3. Great pile of fabric you scored. Don't you just love Mardens.