Finished Quilting Projects

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Weekend Production

Well I finished quilting the baby panel yesterday morning. Love how quickly these always come together :)

This panel was purchased a while ago. At least 6 months. So I'm happy that I was able to take this out of my stash and quilt it. I also picked out some Flannel Blue Elephant print from my stash.

I used this as the backing on Teal the Elephant quilt too. So I had enough left to use for the backing of this panel. It's feeling really good to use up some of the fabric in my stash. Turning all those beautiful purchases in something functional and beautiful :)

So now I just have the binding left to do on this one. I have my binding all ready to be ironed and then I just need to machine stitch it on. And my binding came from my stash as well ;) I'm hoping to get it done this week so that I can deliver it when I make a quick trip to the city next week..

So then I decided late last night that I wanted to try to make a pillow cover for one of my 26" pillow forms. I had sketched an idea a little while ago.

I decided on this colour palette because it matches my husband's Dressed To the Nines quilt which is always on the futon that I want to have the pillow on.

So I went through my scrappy 5" squares and pulled out what I could from there. Then went through my red and black scrap bins to cut up the rest of the 5" squares that I needed. And pulled a Fat Quarter to cut the rest of the light squares.

Then I started on the process of turning these into HSTs.....

And the trimming....

I know some quilters don't bother trimming these up but look how good they look when they are :)

And then the layout was done....

Now they are sitting beside my sewing machine all ready to be stitched...

Hopefully tomorrow night, I'll be able to get to them :)

So how was your weekend? Get any sewing in?


  1. Not much sewing for me this week-end... perhaps next week-end when Himself is back home! I'm not a fan of panels as a general rule, but the one you chose is one of the nicest I've seen in a long time! Is the number print part of it or did you add a border? (I have that one in my stash too!) Kudos to you for working from your stash... always good to make room for fun future purchases!

  2. The panel quilt came out great. It's always a good way to hone your skills! The pillow will compliment the quilt nicely. Can't wait to see a pic of them both, together! I have that quilt pattern! Somewhere. I did a lot of sewing this weekend, but I was sporting a migraine and has to rip most of it out. I should know better.

  3. Not a bit of sewing for about a week now. I like your wavy quilting. The pillow will go well with the Dressed to the Nines. Kudos on the design.