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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Finish It Up Friday....or Sunday :)

Well it has been a very busy, tiring week. We had to go to the city for a few days due to a medical emergency. But all is progressing in a positive direction now. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will continue to do so. So I apologize for my lack in posting anything.

I did get some sewing in yesterday and today though between the cleaning spurts. I finished my pillow cover for one of the 26" pillow forms that I purchased a while ago. Here it is!

I put an invisible zipper....on close inspection, I realized that I installed it wrong...but since this is for us, I'm not going to take out my seam ripper....

And someone is already enjoying it...

And I also washed it and dried it in an attempt to shrink it....yes I said shrink it lol. I've never wanted to shrink anything in my life. But this pillow cover is a bit on the bigger size. After the washing and drying, it seems to fit better :)

So onto the next finish. I prepped the binding for the baby panel quilt.

I forget how many labels I've used so far now but I'm no where near running out :) I do love these labels!

The way this picture came out of the backing, reminds me of Stained Glass :)

I also did a bit of shopping this week. I picked up this decorative box up at Michael's last week.

I'm going to use this box to hold a set of placemats and napkins. I thought it would make a great wedding gift. The inside is pretty too.

And I figured this box is perfect for a wedding gift because it has Laugh, Love and Live on the front. And it was 30% off so I can't complain about it ;) Plus I love pretty storage boxes :)

Besides a quilt, what have you given as a gift that was made from the heart? I'm curious :)

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  1. There's no need to apologize. Hope all is well. Did you follow a tutorial for the invisible zipper? Haven't tried that yet.