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Friday, 22 August 2014


Well I had a chance to play around in my sewing room a bit for the last couple of days. I decided to go forward with the Whispering Lake quilt. I did pick out some fabrics and 5" squares for another project at a future date but ultimately decided the Whispering Lake quilt should take priority. So I picked out my Fat Quarters on Wednesday night.

On Thursday night, I ironed and cut all the light Fat Quarters. I tried cutting long strips and then laying them on top of each other to cut out the 2-1/2" squares. Happy to say that this worked beautifully. I cut all 200 squares in a few hours.

I also did a bit of fabric shopping on yesterday and today :) I'll try to post those fabrics on Stash Sunday.
I also received my Block Three of the Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery Quilt. And the Finishing Pattern as well that I decided to purchase after finding the rest of the Snowbird collection that I would need.

So excited to get started on Block Three. Maybe in the next few weeks, I'll be able to get it done :)

And today, I am 48 - 6-1/2" squares in and need 52 more before I can start sewing the Whispering Lake quilt. I'm excited to be working on another project on my Library List :)

Hope my fellow MMQG members have a great time at the Sew In tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one!


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  1. Sorry you can't make Sew In...maybe next time. Happy sewing.