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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


So the last couple of weeks at work has been extremely busy. I've been on the road every day for the last two weeks and working many long days. So my motivation factor to get going on certain projects has slowed a bit. Today was another road day and I'm starting to feel quite burnt out. So I was planning on just coming home and relaxing on the couch. Then I seen another delivery notice in my mailbox :) I sort of figured that it should be my newly purchased paintings from Jessica at Naptime Designs. You can check out her Facebook page by clicking here. She is a local NS artist and her paintings are absolutely gorgeous. She had a giveaway on her Facebook page which is how I came across Naptime Designs. I seen the paintings for the giveaway which were three paintings and the winner was able to select one painting from the three. I emailed her to see if the other two paintings would be for sale after the giveaway was closed. And to my luck, they would be for sale :) So I asked to purchase two paintings. One for my bedroom and one for my sewing space. They are both so beautiful and the one for my sewing space is just so motivational to me. Here are some pictures of them.

This is the painting that will be in my sewing space. I just love how different light gives the background a different appearance. And the purple flowers are my favourite! Just simply beautiful :)

Next up is the one I purchased for me and hubby's bedroom.

I just love how the blue flowers provide a calming feeling. And our bedroom has a lot of grey and I wanted to change the accent colour to blue. It is currently red and sometimes change is good :)

So all in all, these paintings provided me with the inspiration to get myself into gear and I managed to put my Owl Quilt sandwich together tonight.

So now on to the quilting part.

Here's some photos of what I did on Sunday. I did get my outdoor pictures of the Owl quilt since it was a gorgeous day out.

 I should have moved the quilt further on my clothes line but it was quite windy so it was difficult to get this picture.

 My first practice attempt at FMQ Stipple stitch. I tried different sizes as I went along.

My second attempt at FMQ Stipple stitch. This stipple stitch is big but I do like it. Just need a bit more practice but it doesn't look too shabby :)

Hope everyone is finding their sewing motivation today!


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