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Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Finish :) and Quilty Secrets

Well actually a late Thursday night finish but I didn't have a chance to take pictures until this morning. So the Charm Square baby quilt is finished. So happy with this :)

I just love how this one came out. So for now it will have a home here unless some little one comes along to pass this lovely darling on to.

So Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge put up a post yesterday about quilty secrets. And asked about readers little quilty secrets. I know I had some of the same as Jenn's but I gasped at some of them lol.

So here are my little quilty secrets :)

1) I am a wannabe perfectionist when it comes to cutting....if my cut is slightly off, I'll toss the fabric in my scrap basket.

2) I hate when fabric stores rip fabric off the just boils my blood. Seriously I'm buying this fabric because I love it and want to touch the fabric goodness and you're just ripping it off! I've even went as far as avoiding these fabric stores or requesting that all my fabric be cut!

3) I use decorative stitches on my binding so to make sure that I sew both sides of the binding without missing a section. I've tried sewing that straight stitch and I always miss a section that does not get stitched on the backing side.

4) I always use pins while I'm piecing. I gasped at this one for Jenn's post but she's a pro :)

5) I've only started doing this in the last 6 months but I now price all my fabric before storing's geeky I know.

6) I almost always neglect housework and have a cleaner in about every 3 weeks so that our house is liveable while I spend more time quilting :)

7) I scare myself with how much I spend on fabric....and my husband tries not to think about it lol

8) I hate working with anything besides cotton.

9) I just started cutting fabric layered on top of one another....I know it sounds crazy that I didn't do this before but having the perfect cut makes that 1/4" seam so much easier.

10) I spend way too much time quilting.

So there are 10 quilty secrets about me. What are your quilty secrets? Care to share :)



  1. Thanks for the shout out, Julia! I hardly think my quilty little secrets merit a gasp :) but then again, you just never know what will shock people!. I totally agree on the ripping fabric business. I love the sound, but don't care for the results! And how is it possible to spend way too much time quilting?

  2. The print in the last that from the fat quarter collection? I've been wondering what to do with that collection. Love the secrets!